A Byte Future

Finally, you probably are thinking, a bitcoin based futures market. Bitcoin miners the world over are at long last able to hedge out their production and distribution risk. We were all wondering that with such an active forward cash market (a requisite for an active futures contract) why does there not already exist such an animal. The legitimization of price discovery in the ether world is now complete. Advocates of this product have pointed out that the highly volatile nature of bitcoin lends itself perfectly to  a futures based product. The ultimate question however is: has there ever been a futures based contract derived from something that may not have a future itself?.  If you are looking for the perfect contra-indicator we just saw it with famous “value” investor Bill Miller waxing poetic on the merits of bitcoin (an asset for which he has devoted 30% of his funds assets) when he recently stated ” I that believe there is a nontrivial chance it goes to zero, but every day it does not that chance goes down as more venture capital flows in and people become more comfortable buying it”.

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