Apocalypse How

It feels like every day we are faced with the end, beginning, and or continuation of, some new kind of threat. Credit, or blame, can be apportioned to any number of things: surfeit of social and traditional media outlets, politics with its inherent catastrophic leanings, or a speed of technological change which necessitates constant transformational shifts. However, rather than becoming traumatized by the constant apocalyptic announcements, it would seem that we have become almost anesthetized to it, particularly in the geo-political realm. We know that the noise around skirmishes involving trade pacts, border security and proprietary technology have always been present. We wonder however whether the information gleaned from the current noise has been also ignored, and as such the imagined becomes more in danger of becoming the unimagined. In more mathematical terms, are we more and more living in a world where we are under-estimating (and therefore under-pricing) multiple std. deviation events, even though the “noise” might suggest otherwise.?

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