The Symmetry of the Q

If you’ve watched one of the recent Trump rallies you may have noticed the prevalence of some in the audience carrying signs and slogans referencing “Q”. If you’re not aware(and I wish I wasn’t), Q is a term short for Qanon, best described as an interactive conspiracy driven community in which the actions of the deep state are explored and revealed. In short, real tin hat stuff for the technologically “savvy” crowd. However, the latest comments from  President Trump may provide fodder for the Q crowd, as he has been loudly complaining that the Fed is actively working against his pro- growth agenda.  Imagine, we  may now have Q VS. QE, or Q Vs. UnQE. While the Donald prefers to look to the Stock Market as his favorite bellwether of future prosperity, we prefer the yield curve and the flatness of said curve does not foreshadow good times ahead. As growth slows, we predict that the Presidential tweets will become more pointed and critical of the Fed, maybe “Jerry the Jerk”, or “Job Killing Jerry”.

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